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MAY 10

Charlottesville, VA

MAY 12

Worcester, MA

MAY 13

Wilkes-Barre, PA

MAY 15

Duluth, GA

MAY 19

Houston, TX

MAY 20

New Orleans, LA

MAY 23

Jacksonville, FL

MAY 24

North Charleston, SC

MAY 26

Albany, NY

MAY 28

London, ON

MAY 31

Philadelphia, PA

JUN 02

Cleveland, OH

JUN 23

New York, NY

JUN 26

Denver, CO

JUN 27

Denver, CO

AUG 07

Grand Rapids, MI

AUG 09

Minneapolis, MN

AUG 11

Tulsa, OK

AUG 14

Siqux Falls, SD

AUG 17

Nampa, ID

AUG 19

Las Vegas, NV

AUG 20

Bakersfield, CA

AUG 21

Oakland, CA

AUG 23

Los Angeles, CA

AUG 25

Glendale, AZ

AUG 27

Wichita, KS

AUG 29

Lincoln, NE

AUG 30

Kansas City, MO



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