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A MusicFX Exclusive, FoundersX, is where fans can buy a lifelong, digital membership, earning them access to ALL upcoming MusicFX fan clubs, regardless of the artist or genre. The FoundersX membership will provide fans access to Meet & Greet Opportunities, presale codes, ticket giveaways, official concert merchandise, and more.


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  • MusicFX is an awesome group that works with artists and their fans to give a really cool, fun, and personable way to experience their favorite artists live shows including ticket giveaways and meet and greet opportunities. The prices are not terribly expensive and totally worth it after you win awesome sweepstakes. I am so glad I got my membership!

    Bryce Humpfer

    FoundersX Member

    Image: Bryce Humpfer

  • The show itself was amazing and made for a night that will be “Hard to Forget”. It may have been a fun promo for you guys, but for us it was so much more than that. On top of it all, you were so personable and fun to chat with. I truly felt like you were happy for us which is refreshing in a world that is so corporatized and automated. We are excited to participate in future giveaways by MusicFX and hope to have more experiences like we did at Sam Hunt! Thank you so much for the tickets and ultimately, the experience it led to!

    Andrea Ball

    FoundersX Member, Sam Hunt Ticket Giveaway Winner

    Image: Andrea Ball

  • Brooke Farr here! I won tickets to Morgan Wallen in St Louis! Tiffany was wonderful the entire time communicating, making sure tickets were confirmed, and show details. My best friend, Shawna and I made a girls trip from Texas to Big Lou ( Show Me State) just to See Morgan, Parker and Ernest!! What a show and incredible stadium! Everyone should enter MusicFX giveaways and be prepared to have a blast!!

    Brooke Farr

    FoundersX Member, Morgan Wallen Ticket Giveaway Winner

    Image: Brooke Farr

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