Festival Dos and Don’ts

Michele has been in radio for over 20 years, and is an avid music fan.

We’re closing in on another festival season and there are things to know and do that could mean the difference between a great experience and a really bad one.

Yes, there are the obvious things like bring (and use!) that sunscreen. Some bug spray is very helpful. Hand sanitizer or wipes are things that always come in handy. But what about the not so obvious things? For instance, a rain poncho can be the difference between comfortable happiness and soggy misery. And the great thing is they are cheap and easy to take along. Most come in packages that can fit in a small bag or even a pocket. If you are going with a group, a meeting place is essential. I, for some reason, always get separated from my crew and hate it. Trying to look for friends in a crowd can be time-consuming and always a distraction. My friends and I have even started our own ritual for night shows by grabbing glow sticks from the dollar store, using several color patterns and making crowns. We do them and can easily make out who’s who in the crowd. Plus, if there’s anywhere you can pull off wearing a light up halo-it’s a music fest.

Some things you definitely don’t want to do include overdressing-this is a biggie, after a couple of hours of sweaty dancing, no one looks great, stick with function over fashion (do it right and you can nail both!). Don’t make a mess, especially if you’re camping, clean up after yourself.

Other ideas for a great experience include; bringing cash and always bring a portable charger. That said, make sure you either have at least one of your contacts' phone numbers written down or committed to memory in case you lose your phone. And probably the most important piece of advice, don’t just show up unprepared.  Anything can happen, and if you intend on winging your way through the day or days of a festival, you could be in for an unnecessarily bad time.