The NFT space is rapidly welcoming innovation with initiatives that prove the true utility of this technology once more. An interview I conducted with Cameron Chell, Executive Chairman and CEO of CurrencyWorks, tells us how is revolutionizing the music industry using NFTs.

How did you get started in the NFT world?

I’ve been involved in Financial Technology (FinTech) developments for over 20 years. The technology and concepts behind cryptography have always been of interest to me. The implications of a blockchain based platform are enabling a renaissance of possibilities. CurrencyWorks (CWRK) was one of the first companies to develop branded cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. NFTs are a natural and exciting evolution. We helped launch an NFT offering for Garbage Pail kids a couple of years ago, and have now kept the momentum with MusicFX.

What is your mission with MusicFX?

With MusicFX we want to leverage the exclusive benefits that NFTs provide to deliver artists-led branded experiences direct from the artist to the fan.

What is special about what you do?

CurrencyWorks is at the forefront of innovation in decentralized digital technologies, and the use cases for these concepts is set to evolve our way of thinking in so many different areas but will ultimately benefit society and make many of the systems we take for granted so much easier to connect with.

How were you introduced to NFTs?

I think it was around 2014 when I first came across the concept at the Seven-on-Seven conference in New York, and then a short while later at DEVCON 1 when the Etheria project was launched.

Where do you see NFTs going in the future?

Merging gaming, real-time motion-capture and live musical performance in the Metaverse is completely game changing. And this is just one aspect where NFTs are weaved into a completely immersive experience where you have an engaged fan-based audience.

At the start of 2021 the market was worth a few hundred million. Going into 2022 we’re looking at billions of dollars; and it’s the consumer side that’s really expanding.

Tell me more about what you do?

My role is all about connecting technology with meaningful experience. The evolution of that experience is what fascinates me.

Please feel free to check out MusicFX and more of Cameron Chell’s work that contributes to this industry!